Saturday, 13 July 2013

The launch of a U.S. channel dedicated just for dogs .. August first

The newspaper "USA Today" America today, that the network "Dayrk TV" channel will launch "Doug TV" destined for dogs in the first of August.

The newspaper pointed out that the channel will provide ongoing programs ranging in duration from three to five minutes of scenes that help you relax, such as landscapes and scenes such as motivational scenes merely dogs.

The channel will also provide training programs to help dogs overcome their fears, where you view the scenes of cars, fireworks and thunderstorms then gradually provide more vocal scenes to help dogs overcome those fears.

On the other hand, the newspaper pointed to a "any Calm Doug" who works Kaeybod and but without the custom earphones to calm the dogs, which was launched in June, to join the list of CD and DVD, which provides soothing music for dogs.

Source: Seventh Day

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