Saturday, 13 July 2013

For the fourth day in a row .. Breakfast mass protests are editing and Federal confirm the success of the revolution, June 30 .. And "Brotherhood" congregate on the breakfast tables in fields fourth Adaweya and Renaissance to demand the return of President isolated

Wrote Mohamed Haggag Mahmoud Othman, Mohamed El Deeb and Mohamed Magdy El Sisi
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Continue sitters in four different areas of their breakfast for the fourth day in a row where Matsamu gathered Tahrir Square on collective breakfast in front of Tahrir Square complex government, in light of a number of members of the People's Committees deployed on the streets of the field of the protesters while eating the protesters breakfast.

In the same context, continue sitters in front of Palace federal their breakfast collective front of the palace to emphasize the continuing demands of the revolution, where افترش sitters inside the tents and outside tables breakfast, with increased number of tents surroundings palace for up to 11 tents of protestors, and put the army and police checkpoint intersection Street Caliph Maamoun with Marghany Street, and security forces continued from the armed forces and the Interior is responsible for securing the perimeter of the Federal Palace in the closure of streets leading to the palace armor and tanks and المجنزرات.

On the other hand, continues to dozens of supporters of President isolated Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood members sit in the fields of fourth Adawiya Square renaissance in front of the University of Cairo, to demand the return of President isolated to governance, افترش dozens in the fields on the tables of different breakfast there for the fourth day in a row, the center of military forces closure of roads leading to the field of Renaissance and secured, in addition to providing perimeter fourth Adaweya.

Source: Seventh Day

A week after the attack on the revolution, June 30, and the defense of "Marina" .. Turkey carried out a constitutional amendment limiting the powers of the fear of the army to overthrow the "Erdogan" .. And to limit his duties to protect the country from "external threats"

Revealed the step taken by today's Turkish government's true intentions, which was behind the defense of the president isolated, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, The term defense of legitimacy, which lifted Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was only a curtain hid behind him and his party "Justice and Development" fear that erupt against him mass protests ousted his party from power, especially if they are met with demonstrations and protests in support of the army, as happened in Egypt when he sided with the armed forces of the People's legitimacy.

Turkish parliament, which is controlled by Erdogan's party, approved today an amendment to the legislation defining function army, and prevent taken as a pretext for the intervention of the military in politics, and non-parliamentary legislation on the function of the army of "monitors and protects the Turkish Republic" to "defend the Turkish nation against external threat."

The strange thing is that the Turkish Parliament used the word "coup" to justify the amendments and said that the amendment of Article 35, of the domestic law of the Turkish armed forces aimed at the face of potential military coup, said the Anatolia news agency Turkish official, that the Council of the Nation Turkish Grand Assembly (parliament) approved an amendment to the domestic law of the Turkish armed forces, touches Article No. 35 of the law, a material which was coup exploit the pretext that it be given to the army power to save the country from the internal enemy.

Under the Parliament's decision was modified phrase "task of the armed forces is to protect the homeland Turkey and the Turkish Republic of knowledge to the Constitution" to become a "mission of the armed forces is to protect the homeland Turkish threats and external threats, and protection and promotion of the armed forces to achieve the element of deterrence, and carry out the tasks of Foreign Affairs under the decision of the Council of the Nation Turkish Grand, and assistance in achieving world peace. "

The government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with Islamic orientation, reduced the influence of the military over reforms strengthened the authority of civilians, which is what makes the amendment symbolic and no more, and already institution army, which was considered itself the protector secular system in the country, that brought down four governments between 1960 and 1997 , comes the parliamentary vote on these amendments after a wave of anti-government protests, the country has witnessed in the month of June, Erdogan described the plot against the democratically elected government.

Referred to it after the events of Egypt launched the Turkish parliament called the coup on the Turkish armed forces, for fear of their coup on the Turkish legal judgment along the lines of the Egyptian experience - according to their face.

For his part, said Mohamed Abbas Nagi, an expert at Al Ahram Center for Strategic Studies, that what happened in Turkey to modify the functions of the army was because of what happened in Egypt, and said that the Turkish system was and still is a supporter of the Islamic regime previously in Egypt, the convergence of ideologies of the ruling party Turkish «justice and development »and the Freedom and Justice Party Egypt, as well as Turkey's desire to repeat the model of the AKP in the entire Arab world as a kind of powers soft in the countries of the Middle East _ as he put it, noting that" perceptions of the Turkish government for the military coup is the perceptions are exaggerated, They are afraid of a military coup there, and thus are trying various ways to close all the doors until the army does not work in politics.

As for the possibility of a confrontation popular in Turkey after the constitutional amendments, Nagy confirmed the likelihood of popular confrontations with the Turkish regime, especially the presence of popular class opposition to the policies of the Freedom Party and the Turkish justice, and demanding the regime's secular Turkish state.

Source: Seventh Day

Sky News reveals plans to restore power Brotherhood .. International organization will meet in Turkey to put the scenario: the division of the army and the media distort the opposition .. Trapping and the use of state institutions from the Gulf .. Syrian and application form

Hold the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood meetings in Turkey to discuss the implications of "blow received by the group" of the recent change in Egypt and ways of confrontation in the coming period and plans to move in two weeks, including smear campaigns publicity to the opposition of the Muslim Brotherhood and work to make an incision in the establishment of the Egyptian military.

The meeting will discuss the groups "Muslim Brotherhood" in the Arab countries and around the world specific steps to address the crisis group in Egypt and ways to mitigate the negative consequences on the entire global organization and the Muslim Brotherhood groups in different countries.

According to the strategy developed by planning arm of the international organization, which carries the name "International Center for Studies and Training," and got "Sky News Arabia", a copy of the meeting before the start of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip are the most affected by the change in Egypt.

The paper identifies several scenarios to deal with the situation, and believed to be gathered in a hotel near the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, will discuss the steps, raised with amendments and develop and possibly agree on development.

After a vision for the reasons for the failure of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after year, the paper refers to the position of the Western powers, particularly the United States, which, although not fully accept the change in Egypt, but it can not rely on the Brotherhood's support.

The document identifies countries that can rely on aid such as Turkey and Qatar, in addition to the use of some preachers from the Gulf states who have many followers among young people and support the position of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The paper also identifies a number of figures in Egypt, which is recommended by highlighting their role, and the order of speakers was on the fourth Adaweya platform Friday night / Saturday completely consistent with that recommendation.

Position analysis

The document issued what he called the "International Center for Studies and Training" that the organization held an emergency meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul, with the participation of the organization's leaders, and representatives from all branches of the group in the Arab and European countries, in addition to Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The document included an analysis of the political scene and seeing the group for the causes of the crisis and its implications for the future of the group.
The document is considered that the main causes of the crisis and the failure of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is the disintegration of the Islamic movements and the widening gap between the group and the Salafist parties, especially after the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

In this context, criticizing the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, Nour Party and the Centre Party and the Building and Development Party (JI) on their positions during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The paper adds to the reasons for the constant media attack on the community and social crises contrived, and do not do quick-payoff projects on the lives of citizens in the aggravation of the situation, in addition to the use of the army to the opposition's demands to return to power.

Risks and scenarios

The document cited a number of potential risks to the future of the group inside and outside Egypt after the recent developments.
Including increasing feelings of persecution of the group's leaders and having to return to the phenomenon of secret work, and difficult to control on the responses of the current pro and adhering to the legitimacy of former President Mohamed Morsy especially among the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Also, fears of splits within the group exit of some young Muslim Brotherhood leadership of the group on the grounds that it caused a clash with the army and other political forces.

Regarding concerns about the future of the group outside of Egypt were considered document that what happened will strengthen the position of the current hard-line opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood in other countries also will reflect negatively on the branches of the group in all countries of the world.

According to the document, what happened dealt a strong blow to the alliance between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to the decline in support for the Syrian Revolution and extend the life of the government of Bashar al-Assad.

The document placed a number of scenarios and proposals to deal with the situation outweigh them steadfastness and legitimate self-defense and long refused to prejudice the legitimacy of President-elect regardless of the pressure and work to bring about a rift in the army.

There is another scenario eliminated by resorting to the militarization of the conflict, which it described as catastrophic document option where it will lead to the destruction of the country along the lines of what is happening in Syria.

The document made a number of suggestions for the success of self-resistance-term scenario via "intensify information campaigns and make the people the truth about what happened, and legal prosecution of the symbols of the army."

Army incision

The document also states to develop a strategy to bring about divisions within the military, in addition to "focus on the positions of the parties and national figures, which is what happened to a military coup."

As well as "highlight the positions of international institutions which considered what happened a military coup, and focus on the demand by some members of the U.S. Congress to cut aid to the Egyptian army," the document refers specifically here to the efforts of Senator John McCain.

In addition to "spreading corruption files available for all who participated in the coup, civil disobedience and the continuation of the sit-ins and trapping sovereign state institutions."

With regard to the Egyptian military establishment paper recommends to "highlight any split between the leaders of the military coup on .... and access to loyalties within the military over the contents of media reassuring."

Source Sky News Clips

People's Committees "liberation" intensify its presence in the streets leading to the field

People's Committees intensified in Tahrir Square presence in all the streets leading to Tahrir Square, and the verification of the identity of arrivals and self-searched, and that after news emerged about the arrival of supporters of Anchorage to the field.

With a number of protestors gathered around the podium in preparation for prayers, chanting slogans demanding to preserve the gains of the revolution June 30.

Source: Seventh Day

The launch of a U.S. channel dedicated just for dogs .. August first

The newspaper "USA Today" America today, that the network "Dayrk TV" channel will launch "Doug TV" destined for dogs in the first of August.

The newspaper pointed out that the channel will provide ongoing programs ranging in duration from three to five minutes of scenes that help you relax, such as landscapes and scenes such as motivational scenes merely dogs.

The channel will also provide training programs to help dogs overcome their fears, where you view the scenes of cars, fireworks and thunderstorms then gradually provide more vocal scenes to help dogs overcome those fears.

On the other hand, the newspaper pointed to a "any Calm Doug" who works Kaeybod and but without the custom earphones to calm the dogs, which was launched in June, to join the list of CD and DVD, which provides soothing music for dogs.

Source: Seventh Day

Hit a mosque in El Arish missiles .. and Apache flying at low altitude

Security agencies announced in North Sinai that it had received notification of the parents in the village of long term benefit to a village mosque exposure to two rockets during the attack, he had been yesterday and carried out by militants against security force stationed in the region.

The source explained that the balconies of the mosque and the mosque interface also crashed.

In the same context, flew in the sky shortly before the town of El Arish, two Apache amid Cautious calm prevail in all regions of the northern Sinai.

Witnesses said, the aircraft flew at low altitude flight is focused on areas south and east of El-Arish area of ​​the airport and the center frequency of farms reported the disappearance of these areas gunmen.

Source: Seventh Day

Press conference for "Ozahraon with civil state" to start a campaign "against violence"

Held front Ozahraon with the civil state, a press conference at noon tomorrow, Sunday, at the headquarters of the party "assembly", and to announce the start of a national campaign to enlighten and confront extremism.

It is scheduled to participate in the conference by Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud dignified professor at Al-Azhar University, and Dr. Saad El-Din Hilaly professor at the University of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al-Khatib Tahrir Square.

Source: Seventh Day

Outgoing Minister of Transport: I will not be working in the government Beblawy

Sources close to Dr. Hatem Abdel-Latif, Minister of Transport with the ministers resigned the 9 Brotherhood, Abdel-Latif refuses to work in the government Dr. Hazem Beblawy or continue in office Almsagal him as minister of transport.

The sources told the "seventh day" that Abdul Latif assured her refusing to work in the government Beblawy, and that he will not give up the return of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, for his first as a condition to accept to continue as minister of transport, pointing out that it did not offer him a Council of Ministers working government Beblawy but he will reject in the display case.

The sources confirmed that Abdel-Latif assured her that he would not accept the work came from the government through a military coup, and that he would not agree to be minister for transport only after the return of the Anchorage office as the legitimate president-elect, and in the words of Abdul Latif sources.

The sources confirmed again that he is unlikely to introduce the Council of Ministers Abdul Latif continue in his position as minister of transport, especially that Abdul Latif did not achieve any achievement during his time in the ministry, except he replaced the leaders of the ministry Mountmin of the group, pointing out that the ministry has seen while a large number of the crisis and the deterioration in their various sectors.

Source: Seventh Day

Injury recruits shot by mistake in Sinai

Wounded northern Sinai evening by mistake, a security source said that he arrived to the hospital Bir al-Abed each of Mahmoud p c 22 years, recruits infected shot in the left thigh, and Ahmad hh 22-year-old injured was shot in the buttocks, showing that the injury was from a weapon colleaguewhereabouts of their service ambush on the road victory International (Arish / wells slave) by mistake.

 was transferred to a hospital in Bir al-Abed was then transferred to a hospital evacuation in Ismailia.

Also received a tip hitting the security services "Muhammad. A.. P" "35 years", City Sheikh Zowaid, the left thigh was shot .. and that of the unknown.

The injured were transferred to a hospital Sheikh Zowaid Central for treatment .. and then was transferred to El-Arish hospital.

Source: Seventh Day

Public funds last scan investigations into system symbols corruption files "Mubarak"

A source judicial Procuratorate of public funds Supreme Chancellor Ahmed Bahrawi, Attorney General First behalf, is currently access to investigations initiated by the prosecutor in the era adviser Mustafa al-Husseini, a lawyer first year, who submitted his resignation, on the involvement of a number of the symbols of the system the ousted president Hosni Mubarak and some former ministers in corruption and operations takeover of public money.

The source pointed out in a statement to the "seventh day" that the adviser Ahmed Bahrawi process of examination reports of public funds about the involvement of some of the characters of the symbols of the Mubarak regime in money laundering, and to initiate the completion of the investigation in the open issues since the era of former Attorney General, Chancellor Talaat Ibrahim Abdullah , such as gifts journalistic institutions (Al-Ahram - News - Republic), and the Ministry of Information accused the deposed President Hosni Mubarak, his two sons Alaa and Gamal, and Fathi Sorour and Safwat al-Sherif, and Anas el, and Zakaria Azmy, Ahmed Nazif, Habib al-Adli, and a number of former ministers.

Chancellor Hisham Barakat, senior vice new year, had commissioned on behalf of public funds reviewing some papers investigations in cases of public money and corruption symbols of the Mubarak regime, as well as access to the terms of transactions settlement and reconciliation with the business, which has in the era of former Attorney General Counsel Talaat Ibrahim Abdul God

Source: Seventh Day

5 thousand pounds of "Relief physicians" to the victims of the events of the Republican Guard

Committee decided to humanitarian relief Syndicate doctors headed by Dr. Salah Desouky treasurer of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate exchange exchange EGP 5 thousands of urgent financial aid to the family of each martyr.

The Commission added in a statement Saturday evening that the Commission is currently studying the possibility of treating patients at the expense of the Committee or contribute a portion of the expenses of treatment, noting that it is in the process of establishment of a fund for the care and treatment of Victims of the events of the Republican Guard.

Source: Seventh Day

Meslemany: 15 ministers asking their vision of tomorrow and the government nearing completion

Media said the large Ahmed Meslemany, Advisor to the President for Media Affairs, that the 15 new ministers  see them tomorrow and the formation of the government fully nearing completion.

He Ahmad Meslemany, that the presidency of the opening session will call for national reconciliation very soon, indicating that the path of reconciliation has become clear.

Meslemany said at the conclusion of his remarks, said that the ship home and took off hostility to the revolution of July parking against the movement of history.

 Source: Seventh Day

Cairo Governorate: the announcement of two youth housing projects during the current month

Engineer said Essam Radwan, deputy governor of Cairo for the Northern District, said there projects for youth housing in the county will demonstrate to light during this month, as well as building the system and supply the neighborhoods with the necessary equipment and the comprehensive plan for cleanliness as well, stressing that "the province continues to work hard faithful to serve our country," responsibility that cost us by God Almighty, trusting that God is not the work of mischief. "

He added Radwan, in a press statement on Saturday, it was to start in replacement project slum "Sidi Faraj" area Island Badran, and many other areas Ksueqat and develop parks specialized and increase the resources of ads to maintain, pointing out that the hard work and diligence is the duty of the time.

Source: Seventh Day