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Sky News reveals plans to restore power Brotherhood .. International organization will meet in Turkey to put the scenario: the division of the army and the media distort the opposition .. Trapping and the use of state institutions from the Gulf .. Syrian and application form

Hold the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood meetings in Turkey to discuss the implications of "blow received by the group" of the recent change in Egypt and ways of confrontation in the coming period and plans to move in two weeks, including smear campaigns publicity to the opposition of the Muslim Brotherhood and work to make an incision in the establishment of the Egyptian military.

The meeting will discuss the groups "Muslim Brotherhood" in the Arab countries and around the world specific steps to address the crisis group in Egypt and ways to mitigate the negative consequences on the entire global organization and the Muslim Brotherhood groups in different countries.

According to the strategy developed by planning arm of the international organization, which carries the name "International Center for Studies and Training," and got "Sky News Arabia", a copy of the meeting before the start of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip are the most affected by the change in Egypt.

The paper identifies several scenarios to deal with the situation, and believed to be gathered in a hotel near the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, will discuss the steps, raised with amendments and develop and possibly agree on development.

After a vision for the reasons for the failure of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after year, the paper refers to the position of the Western powers, particularly the United States, which, although not fully accept the change in Egypt, but it can not rely on the Brotherhood's support.

The document identifies countries that can rely on aid such as Turkey and Qatar, in addition to the use of some preachers from the Gulf states who have many followers among young people and support the position of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The paper also identifies a number of figures in Egypt, which is recommended by highlighting their role, and the order of speakers was on the fourth Adaweya platform Friday night / Saturday completely consistent with that recommendation.

Position analysis

The document issued what he called the "International Center for Studies and Training" that the organization held an emergency meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul, with the participation of the organization's leaders, and representatives from all branches of the group in the Arab and European countries, in addition to Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The document included an analysis of the political scene and seeing the group for the causes of the crisis and its implications for the future of the group.
The document is considered that the main causes of the crisis and the failure of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is the disintegration of the Islamic movements and the widening gap between the group and the Salafist parties, especially after the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

In this context, criticizing the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, Nour Party and the Centre Party and the Building and Development Party (JI) on their positions during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The paper adds to the reasons for the constant media attack on the community and social crises contrived, and do not do quick-payoff projects on the lives of citizens in the aggravation of the situation, in addition to the use of the army to the opposition's demands to return to power.

Risks and scenarios

The document cited a number of potential risks to the future of the group inside and outside Egypt after the recent developments.
Including increasing feelings of persecution of the group's leaders and having to return to the phenomenon of secret work, and difficult to control on the responses of the current pro and adhering to the legitimacy of former President Mohamed Morsy especially among the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Also, fears of splits within the group exit of some young Muslim Brotherhood leadership of the group on the grounds that it caused a clash with the army and other political forces.

Regarding concerns about the future of the group outside of Egypt were considered document that what happened will strengthen the position of the current hard-line opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood in other countries also will reflect negatively on the branches of the group in all countries of the world.

According to the document, what happened dealt a strong blow to the alliance between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to the decline in support for the Syrian Revolution and extend the life of the government of Bashar al-Assad.

The document placed a number of scenarios and proposals to deal with the situation outweigh them steadfastness and legitimate self-defense and long refused to prejudice the legitimacy of President-elect regardless of the pressure and work to bring about a rift in the army.

There is another scenario eliminated by resorting to the militarization of the conflict, which it described as catastrophic document option where it will lead to the destruction of the country along the lines of what is happening in Syria.

The document made a number of suggestions for the success of self-resistance-term scenario via "intensify information campaigns and make the people the truth about what happened, and legal prosecution of the symbols of the army."

Army incision

The document also states to develop a strategy to bring about divisions within the military, in addition to "focus on the positions of the parties and national figures, which is what happened to a military coup."

As well as "highlight the positions of international institutions which considered what happened a military coup, and focus on the demand by some members of the U.S. Congress to cut aid to the Egyptian army," the document refers specifically here to the efforts of Senator John McCain.

In addition to "spreading corruption files available for all who participated in the coup, civil disobedience and the continuation of the sit-ins and trapping sovereign state institutions."

With regard to the Egyptian military establishment paper recommends to "highlight any split between the leaders of the military coup on .... and access to loyalties within the military over the contents of media reassuring."

Source Sky News Clips

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