Saturday, 13 July 2013

For the fourth day in a row .. Breakfast mass protests are editing and Federal confirm the success of the revolution, June 30 .. And "Brotherhood" congregate on the breakfast tables in fields fourth Adaweya and Renaissance to demand the return of President isolated

Wrote Mohamed Haggag Mahmoud Othman, Mohamed El Deeb and Mohamed Magdy El Sisi
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Continue sitters in four different areas of their breakfast for the fourth day in a row where Matsamu gathered Tahrir Square on collective breakfast in front of Tahrir Square complex government, in light of a number of members of the People's Committees deployed on the streets of the field of the protesters while eating the protesters breakfast.

In the same context, continue sitters in front of Palace federal their breakfast collective front of the palace to emphasize the continuing demands of the revolution, where افترش sitters inside the tents and outside tables breakfast, with increased number of tents surroundings palace for up to 11 tents of protestors, and put the army and police checkpoint intersection Street Caliph Maamoun with Marghany Street, and security forces continued from the armed forces and the Interior is responsible for securing the perimeter of the Federal Palace in the closure of streets leading to the palace armor and tanks and المجنزرات.

On the other hand, continues to dozens of supporters of President isolated Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood members sit in the fields of fourth Adawiya Square renaissance in front of the University of Cairo, to demand the return of President isolated to governance, افترش dozens in the fields on the tables of different breakfast there for the fourth day in a row, the center of military forces closure of roads leading to the field of Renaissance and secured, in addition to providing perimeter fourth Adaweya.

Source: Seventh Day

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