Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cairo Governorate: the announcement of two youth housing projects during the current month

Engineer said Essam Radwan, deputy governor of Cairo for the Northern District, said there projects for youth housing in the county will demonstrate to light during this month, as well as building the system and supply the neighborhoods with the necessary equipment and the comprehensive plan for cleanliness as well, stressing that "the province continues to work hard faithful to serve our country," responsibility that cost us by God Almighty, trusting that God is not the work of mischief. "

He added Radwan, in a press statement on Saturday, it was to start in replacement project slum "Sidi Faraj" area Island Badran, and many other areas Ksueqat and develop parks specialized and increase the resources of ads to maintain, pointing out that the hard work and diligence is the duty of the time.

Source: Seventh Day

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